A Little Bit About Us

Good morning to all of our followers.

We wanted to do a little update as we have grown so much over the last few months. We here at HCTR are a 100% volunteer-ran page. We volunteer our time to bring you late breaking news. However, we can’t always monitor the radio at all times, as we have jobs and families to take care of. (Now if we could turn this into a full-time, paying job we would love that. Unfortunately, that is just not possible.) As y’all know, we post live news as it happens. There are times that we have updates to calls and times that we don’t get updates.

Regarding press releases: (Considering we were recently accused of lying about a press release). A press release comes from a police department, PIO, or even a fire department. When we receive these, we NEVER change or add information to the release. We post it exactly as it is sent to us. Sometimes, initial press releases have few details and are followed up with a more in-depth or detailed press release. Oftentimes, there are details that can not be released until the investigation is complete.

Next, people get Greenville PD and HCSO mixed up very often. These are two completely different departments that have their own PIO to release information for their own department.

We also wanted to mention and reaffirm that we are not affiliated with any law enforcement agencies, fire departments, medical departments or dispatch departments. We can not send help to you. You must call the appropriate department for help. (Y’all would be surprised at how many private messages we get asking for help.)

Regarding first responders: We will be cracking down on any kind of verbal (comment, pm, etc.) attack towards any LEO, fire department, medical department, dispatch, or towing company. We have let a lot slide in the past but we will be buckling down.

New website: Our followers may have noticed our new method of posting. You will be seeing more off of our website as we get more accustomed to using it. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reach our followers as well as we would like to via Facebook so we have brought this new service up. Please go onto the site and setup your email to receive notifications for every post we make. We hope y’all will be patient with us as we work out the details and get this site running smoothly.

Once again, thank you all for following HCTR and we look forward to bringing you a new and improved HCTR.