Hit and Run Accident/ Animal Control Requested

HCSO was contacted by Hopkins County of a hit and run accident that happened in Hopkins County. DPS was notified also. They were told both vehicles were traveling WB I30 passing the 106mm. A few minutes later HCSO was notified that Hopkins County SO was out with the two vehicles on the North Service Raod of I30 at CR 4113. While Hopkins County SO was out a DPS officer pulled up to assist. After doing some investigation work they found out the driver who caused the hit and run was 95 (warrant) out of Arkansas. DPS notified HCSO that they have an animal and needs animal control to come pick up the animal. HCSO stated that HC doesn’t have animal control. DPS then requested GPD to contact Greenville Animal Control to come pick the animal up. The driver that has been arrested has an animal with them and doesn’t have anyone to take it. That is why Animal Control is being requested