Accident Leaves Vehicle Floating In Lake Ray Hubbard #Breaking

An early morning accident on the Lake Ray Hubbard bridge, causes a car to go over the guardrail into the water. Unknown on the exact details at this time, but what we do know, is a vehicle lost control causing another vehicle to swerve to avoid wrecking, going over the guardrail into the lake.

I-30 was backed up for miles while a heavy duty wrecker fished the vehicle back on the road. Injuries are unknown at this time, We will update once we learn more.

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  1. I was about 40 ft behind them when this happened. I was in the left lane and just up a head a car tried to get over into the middle lane but didn’t realize there was a SUV next to them. The SUV drastically over correct to the right to avoid being hit causing them to swerve left then back right smashing into the third vehicle in the far right lane. The SUV shot across the road with the sedan dragging along on the side of his vehicle before crashing into the concrete barrier. The sedan hit the barrier and just went up and over into the water.

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