At&t Service Still Down This Morning Causing Frustration

At&t services are still down this morning. Hunt & Fannin Counties are among the few who are having issues.

The problem most people are having is the phone not placing outgoing calls. A lot of At&t customers are stating “it rings one time and just hangs up.” We have had a few of our other followers state they are with different carries and also having the issue, although the majority are saying At&t.

Randy Meeks with the Hunt County Sheriffs Office released a statement on Friday, stating this is affecting citizens from calling 911, if they had an emergency. At&t has been made aware of the problem and are working to get it corrected.

Remember if you catch yourself in an emergency and can not call 911, you can TEXT 911. It works the same as texting your bestfriend. A dispatch will message you back, once you request the help by texting the number “911”.

We are watching the outage maps and will update once services are back up and rolling for our area.