Police Looking For Publics help in identifying dead infant found in flowerpot at Cemetery

CARROLLTON, TX – Police in Texas are asking for the public’s help to ensure a baby found dead in a cemetery flower pot receives a proper burial, as they investigate.

A caretaker at Perry Cemetery in Carollton, TX, saw an out-of-place flower pot March 11, according to a police press release when he emptied it, he discovered a deceased infant beneath the soil.

The baby girl, who had the umbilical cord still attached, was determined to be between 34 weeks gestation and full term at a weight of almost 6 pounds, police say.

The medical examiner could not determine whether the baby had been stillborn.

“It would seem that whoever placed the baby’s body there also put the flowers. We just don’t know at this point, which is why we’re appealing to the public,” said police spokeswoman Jolene DeVito.

Authorities say they believe the flower pot was placed in the cemetery sometime between Feb. 27 & March 2.

The investigation is ongoing.