Water Expected To Be Out In Ladonia Several Days (Donations Needed) #Breaking

As of 5:20pm, the water is expected to be out several days in Ladonia due to a severe problem with the well.

Ladonia has been without water most of the day, Reports are that Well 2 has went down and is no longer delivering water. Reports from the City Of Ladonia are as followed:

The City of Ladonia has lost water production with well 2. Well 1 had been down for some time. We have emergency crews on the way that should arrive from Tyler Texas later this morning. Once the pump and motor have been removed it can be determined what part or parts will be needed for repair. My understanding is these parts are a bit harder to find because of the pipe diameter and depth of this well. This could take several days to resolve.

A command water station as been set up at the Ladonia Fire Department located at 203 Paris St, Ladonia, TX 75449. They only have 40 cases of water at this time, so they are only able to give half of a case per family at this time.

Ladonia Fire Department really need the donations at this time. If you could afford a case or two to donate please do. If you know a business that will donate please let us know.

If you have any water to donate please take it by the Ladonia Fire Department.
Our organization will come and pickup ANY water needing to be donated.

If you would like our organization to pick up the water, please call 903-468-2871 or message our pages. Thanks again

UPDATE: SATURDAY-For Ladonia residents, there is a tanker on the square with non-potable water, so bring your containers. Also drinking water there and at the fire station. If anyone needs water delivered, please let us know!

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  1. not sure of the contact there but I bet Ozarka (I think they are in Hawkins) would be happy to donate water!!

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