Alleged Assault

Quinlan PD and Hunt County SO was dispatched to a call in Quinlan to am alleged Assault. When Quinlan PD made scene the mother of the alleged victim stated the alleged suspect and victim had left the scene. QPD advised dispatch that there was blood in the house that maybe the victim. QPD got an address to where they could be headed in the Greenville off of I30. Dispatch notified Greenville PD to respond to that location. A short time later HCSO, Greenville PD, DPS and other units spotted the vehicle heading North on 34. Units made a traffic stop in Alliance Bank parking lot and surrounded the vehicle. The alleged suspect was detained at that time. After several minutes officers notified dispatch that no physical assault occurred after talking to both parties. The blood at the scene was from the alleged suspect that broke some class which caused a cut on the Male individual. The individual refused medical treatment and said he would drive himself to the hospital. All units cleared and both parties were aloud to carry on their way.