Hunt County Locating Stolen Cars With LPR Cameras

If you plan on stealing a car, you better not come thru Hunt County. With the latest technology, Hunt County Officer are locating stolen cars from all over the united states.

On April 17th , 2019 a Hunt County Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the North Texas Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit received an alert on his “License Plate Reader” of a stolen vehicle and makes an arrest.The interdiction Deputy was positioned on Interstate 30 near mile marker 92 observing
vehicles when he received an alert on the “License Plate Reader” that a vehicle that passed him was stolen out of Houston Texas. The Deputy caught up to the vehicle and verified through dispatch that the vehicle was reported stolen out of the Houston Police Department. A felony traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle with the assistance of Greenville Police Department and both occupants were removed without incident.
The investigation resulted in the driver of the vehicle being arrested on an outstanding warrant, the vehicle impounded and the Houston Police Department Auto Theft Division was notified to complete their investigation regarding any additional charges if any.

LPR Cameras Mounted On A Patrol Unit

“The North Texas Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit employees Deputy’s from several agencies and I am proud of the work they are doing. I want to commend the Deputy involved in this investigation for being alert in his observations and thorough in his investigation”.

Sheriff Randy Meeks

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