Brandie McManus Of Greenville, Indicted On Misappropriation Of Financial Property

Brandie McManus of Greenville has been Booked into the Hunt County Jail on charges of Misappropriation of financial property.

Hunt County resident Brandie McManus has been booked into Hunt County Detention Center on charges of, Misappropriation of Financial Property between $150,000 & $300,000.

It is believed that McManus wrote and cashed several unauthorized checks summing to the amount of at least $150,000 back around December of 2016. The downside to this is, the checks she wrote to herself, belong to MWH Painting Inc. out of Royce City, Texas, not Brandie McManus.

The indictment on McManus was filed by a Hunt County Grand Jury back on April 26, 2019. Hunt County Crime Stoppers shows that she has been wanted since May 2, 2019 for this charge. As of Thursday Brandie McManus is showing to be “IN CUSTODY” on the Hunt Crime Stoppers Facebook Page.

If Brandie McManus Is convicted for taking money that wasn’t hers, she could face up to 20 years in the slammer, and a fine up to $10,000.