Hunt County Asking For Help In The Missing Person Case Of Lisa Chandler

September 23rd, 2007 was the last day that anyone has heard from Lisa Lee Chandler who resided in the 5500 block of SH 34 North, Wolfe City Texas.

Alice Marie Johnson, Lisa’s mother, has stated in the past that she became worried about her when she was not answering her phone and they made the decision to drive from Starks Louisiana to check on her welfare. Upon arrival they could not locate Lisa and nothing in her residence appeared out of the ordinary, her vehicle was in the driveway and her dog was running loose in the yard. Mrs. Johnson stated that this was very odd and she filed a missing persons report.

In the past 12 years this investigation has included searches in and around the area Lisa Chandler resided, numerous interviews with people who knew Lisa and wide spread media coverage within the past year. Unfortunately, even with all that nothing of evidentiary value has brought investigators any closer to finding Lisa Chandler or what happened on September 23rd, 2007.

Sheriff Meeks stated: “I feel without a doubt that someone in or around Wolfe City knows something about Lisa Chandler. We have learned that a lot of her known associates were in that area at the time she disappeared and some of them people may still live here. Please, if you have any information contact Sgt. Jeff Haines with the Sheriff’s Office who is actively investigating this case”.

Sgt. Jeff Haines can be contacted at 903-453-6809 or via email at HYPERLINK “”

Or you can submit a tip through Hunt County Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous at 903-457-2929.

Sheriff Randy Meeks