A Hunt County Inmate Has Been Charged With Obstruction/Retaliation After Threatening Jail Employees

An inmate in the Hunt County Detention Center has added some new charges to himself. Charles Trent Parrish has made terroristic threats against jail personnel and their families. During a course of the last few days, Parrish has made threats written and verbally. He is charged with two felony counts of Obstruction/Retaliation in addition to his other charges.

“Parrish has been a problem for us ever since he was booked into jail when he assaulted a victim with a machete. This individual is a very violent man and we take all threats against our folks very seriously.” Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks

Hunt County Sheriff


  1. Too bad the sheriff doesn’t care anything about threats and blatant acts of violence against hospital staff…. Hurting the feelings of jail staff with mean words is far more serious than actually injuring ER staff!

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