Live Mortar Round Brought Into Commerce Pawn Shop Successfully Detonated

Commerce P.D along with Garland & Fort Hood Bomb Squad, successfully detonated a live mortar round brought into the local B6UP Pawn Shop yesterday.

From the information we have at this time, we can confirm that a lady took this live mortar round into the pawn shop. She DID NOT know the mortar was live. After Commerce P.D was notified around 3 pm they then called in Garland Bomb Squad to assist in identifying if the bomb was live. Garland did believe the mortar was live. The on scene crew then called in Fort Hood Bomb Team where they verified this was a live round.

Fort Hood took the mortar into their custody, eventually taking it to city property off of Ross St in the Norris Community area, where they were able to successfully detonate the mortar.

The explosion was loud and could be heard throughout the city of Commerce, and reports as far as Cumby.

We would like to thank the city of Commerce for their professionalism handling this matter.

We will update with any new information we get.