Officer Hit By Vehicle Assisting Stranded Motorist In Cumby

A Cumby Police Officer was involved in an accident yesterday evening. Officer Nichols Geer was assisting a stranded motorist on the North Service Road at approximately the 115 mile marker. Another vehicle had stopped to assist as well and they were using that vehicle to jump the stranded vehicle off. For unknown reasons, a motorist traveling east bound struck the vehicle that was stranded and struck Officer Geer while he was standing at the vehicle. These vehicles were as far over as you could get and were partially in the grass median. Officer Geer was thrown over the stranded vehicle and landed in the median between the North Service Road and the Interstate. Before Officer Geer was struck, he was able to push one of the females out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. The other female was injured as a result of the oncoming vehicle striking the stranded vehicle. It is believed that the female was possibly pinned between the vehicle that was stranded and the vehicle being used to jump the stranded vehicle off. As a result, it is believed her leg was broken. She was taken to the Emergency room in Greenville by ambulance.

Officer Geer was taken to Mother Francis in Sulphur Springs by ambulance. Doctors have checked Officer Geer from head to toe and he has no broken bones, no torn muscles, and no head injuries! He was released this evening and is headed home with bumps and bruises!

This was GOD all the way folks and we are thankful that Officer Geer is going to be good to go in a few days! Thank you all for your concerns, prayers and phone calls!

Statement Made By Cumby P.D