Infant Suffocates In Plastic Bag As Family Slept, Harris County Sheriff Says

An infant died early Tuesday in northeast Harris County after falling into an open plastic bag and suffocating, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The 3-month-old was being watched by a grandmother while the child’s mother was working an overnight shift at a nearby restaurant, Gonzalez said during a news briefing. The grandmother told investigators she laid the baby down for the night on the living room floor and went to sleep around midnight, Gonzalez said.

At some point during the night, a young family member moved the child to a mattress on the floor of a bedroom, Gonzalez said. The infant wiggled around and fell off the mattress into a plastic shopping bag, Gonzalez said.

 Deputies were called to the home, in the 14800 block of Shottery Drive, around 4:30 a.m. and found the infant dead, Gonzalez said.

“Sad way to start Christmas Eve,” Gonzalez said in a tweet announcing the investigation.

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Source: Infant suffocates in plastic bag as family slept, sheriff says –