Gregg County Inmate Escapes Thru Brick Wall

GREGG COUNTY, Texas – An inmate has escaped the Gregg County Jail, the sheriff said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office is investigating an inmate escape from the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office South Jail facility. Inmate Jace Martin Laws, 34, of Gladewater carved out portions of the brick in the Gregg County South Jail, gaining access to the building infrastructure, and making his way to the exterior Gregg County Courthouse, the sheriff said.

Jace Laws is a white male who is approximately six feet tall, and weighs about 150 pounds. Laws has brown hair and brown eyes. Laws was being held in the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office Jail after being sentenced on two counts of Assault on a Police Officer in the 188th District Court, totaling 70 years in the TDCJ.

Gregg County Sheriff’s Office Investigators believe Jace Laws may be in the Marion County area around Lake of the Pines. investigators have learned Inmate Laws is possibly dressed in dark clothing and may have taken steps to alter his appearance by shaving his head.

If anyone has information as to the location of Inmate Laws, please call your local law enforcement immediately. Do not approach or apprehend him.

The sheriff also says that visitation at the Gregg County Jail facilities is canceled for Thursday night.