Cooper ISD Announces Authorities Locate Subject Who Made Threats To Cooper Jr/High School

Cooper ISD released this statement on their Facebook earlier this evening in reference to the school evacuation this afternoon. It has not been said what the treat actually was.

Cooper ISD is grateful for the tremendous support from law enforcement. At this time, local and state officials are confident they have apprehended the subject and that the subject poses absolutely no threat to local students or school buildings. They have also shared great compliments for the quick, decisive action and safe practices of all of our staff. In the words of the state official in charge of this investigation, “this is a school I would want my kids to attend”.

A call-out for parents has been issued and will be in your inboxes shortly, school is cancelled for Friday, January 31st while everyone takes a moment to rest and recuperate. Hopefully, our students and staff will get over their sicknesses at the same time. Looking forward to seeing everyone Monday.

Thank you for your patience and diligence as we strive to take the best possible care of all students and staff.