Suspect Arrested After Running From Greenville P.D Yesterday Afternoon

Thomas Pitts Jr. was arrested after running from Greenville officers in a short vehicle pursuit yesterday afternoon. Officers were eventually able to get Pitts to stop, and he was placed in police custody without further incident.

Thomas Pitts Jr was booked into Hunt County Jail on charges of: *Evading Arrest Det W/VEH, *UNL Carrying Weapon *Poss Marij<= 2 OZ Drug Free Zone


We will update story once Greenville P.D releases a statement.

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  1. I like how you guys call it a drug free zone when theirs so many people in Greenville that have drugs right now n yet cops walk or pass by them every day so how are we a drug free zone when greenville is the biggest drug place right now ? Dont make sense guess you guys really dont do your job right then

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