Subject Missing After A Duck Hunting Trip On Lake Tawakoni

Hunt County, Texas- A 57 year old male subject is still missing after an all day search of Lake Tawakoni.

Shortly after 1:00PM on Wednesday afternoon, Hunt County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a missing duck hunter who was hunting on Lake Tawakoni. Reports are the hunters personal effects were found on a dock located in the 2 mile marina, just off Highway 276, but the hunter and his boat were missing.

Texas State Game Wardens along with West Tawakoni Fire, Tawakoni South Fire & West Tawakoni Police Departments responded. Once making scene, first responders launched 3 boats and started a search of the lake. Officers were told the hunters phone, keys & wallet were found on the dock.

After a short search turned up nothing, more departments were called to the scene including, Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, Cash Fire & Rescue & East Tawakoni Fire departments.

Texas Department of Public Safety sent out a helicopter around 3:00PM. DPS helicopter 101 made scene and scanned the lake coves, attempting to locate the missing hunter & his Bass Tracker Boat, the search also came up empty.

As sunset approached, and all local departments still on scene, Hunt County received a phone call from a caller stating they believed they found the missing boat. Rescue crews responded in boats to the area of Holiday Shores In Van Zandt County to confirm that the boat the caller found was the missing hunters.

After Officers checked the TX Boat Numbers they were able to confirm that this was in fact the missing hunters boat. On board was a gun, decoys and a kayak that the hunter carried to hunt out of. The hunter himself was nowhere to be found.

The boat was pulled into shore and the search was called off. Texas State Game Wardens will resume the search on Thursday morning at sunrise.