Mesquite Police takedown car theft suspect with help from the community

On (12/28/20) around 2:11 A.M., Mesquite Police Department responded to a suspicious activity call in the 2600 Block of Franklin Drive. The caller stated that two male subjects were shining flashlights into vehicles in the parking lot and one of the males was now sitting inside a vehicle with a busted window.

While checking the area, officers observed a white Chevy SUV with no license plates running in the parking lot of the area. Officers made contact with a 22 year old male subject who was standing next to the vehicle holding a paper license plate. While making contact with this subject, other officers noticed that the Chevy SUV along with a white Jeep SUV in the parking lot had broken windows and damaged steering columns. (Usually, steering columns are damaged when car thieves attempt to steal or “hot wire” them.)

As officers attempted to detain the male subject for further questioning, he fled from officers on foot and initially avoided capture. While searching for the subject, Mesquite Police dispatch received a call from a citizen, who advised that a male subject was hiding in a storage closet on their balcony. Officer responded to this location and took the subject into custody without further incident. The second suspect was not located at the time, but this investigation continues.

This was a great job by everyone involved and a great example of the teamwork between Mesquite Police Officers and the great citizens that Mesquite Police Department serves.

Statement provided by the Mesquite Police Department Facebook Page.