How did naked body of North Texas man end up at bottom of cliff in Puerto Rico?

Christian Quezada of Plano decided to take a vacation in Puerto Rico to relax and enjoy a beach.

The Texas man’s trip ended in tragedy as his naked, bruised body was found on Playa Negra beach on July 18, four days after he arrived alone in Puerto Rico.

Hours before his tragic death, the Quezada family had to deal with the death of their father, 77-year-old Hugo Quezada Sr., who died on July 16 after suffering a stroke last year.

Family members continued on Monday to mourn the two deaths, but they also remained clueless as to what actually happened to the 36-year-old Plano man.

Christian Quezada was the second North Texas man who died while on vacation in July. Arlington firefighter Elijah Snow was found dead in Mexico on July 19.

Authorities in Puerto Rico have told the Quezada family the death of Christian Quezada was under investigation, not saying if was an accident or murder.

“Based on all the evidence that we gathered while in Puerto Rico and pictures that were taken of Chris’ face and body, it seemed like foul-play was involved,” Hugo Quezada Jr. of Fairview said in an email. He’s an older brother of Christian Quezada. “We are still waiting for the official pathology report from the Institute of Forensic Science of San Juan, Puerto Rico.”

In the meantime, Christian Quezada’s body was returned to Dallas last week and family members plan to have an autopsy done in Dallas. That autopsy should be completed this week.

“This was a brutal attack,” said Cynthia Quezada of San Francisco, Christian’s sister. “And I don’t believe the police have done enough in this case.”

Born in Bolivia, Christian Quezada grew up in California and Texas before moving in with his parents in Plano when his father had a stroke in 2020.

“He said he needed a vacation so he planned one in July,” Cynthia Quezada said. “He went by himself. He’s single, not married, and lots of people go on vacation by themselves.”

His trip was going to be from July 14 until July 19. He arrived on Wednesday, July 14, staying at an Airbnb in San Juan.

“He checked in every day,” his sister said. “When we called him on Friday (July 16), we told him about Dad dying, but he couldn’t get a flight until that Monday (July 19).”

Quezada stayed in San Juan, but he decided to go to Vieques, Puerto Rico, and visit Playa Negra beach. It’s about an hour from mainland Puerto Rico by ferry.

At the Airbnb in San Juan, a woman from Virginia also was staying at the home. She and Quezada decided to go to Vieques and stay at another Airbnb on that

Family members of Quezada who went to Puerto Rico after his body was found said the tragic story then took several different turns, according to the Virginia woman who they have talked to at least twice.

The first story was that Quezada left a bar on the island with another girl, Cynthia Quezada said.

“She (the Virginia woman) left that island and went back to San Juan without him,” the sister said. “You would think that since you went to the island with a friend you would stick with that guy, but she didn’t.”

The next story was that she had passed out in a car on the island and didn’t know where Quezada had gone, the family said.

Quezada’s naked body was found about 8:30 a.m. on July 18 at the bottom of a cliff near Playa Negra beach. Cynthia Quezada said the drop from the cliff was not far.

“He had bruises all over his face and back,” she said. There also were injuries to the back of his head.

His wallet and one of his shoes were found on the cliff, his sister said, with some credit cards apparently stolen.

Family members noted that the Airbnb in Vieques was at least 15 minutes away from Playa Negra so there was no way Quezada or the Virginia woman could have walked to the beach.

Cynthia and Hugo Quezada Jr. traveled to San Juan and questioned witnesses, gathering as much information as possible on the case.

“We found out that when that Virginia woman returned to San Juan, she took all my brother’s stuff,” Cynthia Quezada said. “She then left Puerto Rico on that Monday (July 19), and I don’t believe police ever talked to her.”

In a separate case, Snow, the Arlington firefighter, was on vacation in Mexico when he accidentally asphyxiated when he became trapped in a window as he tried to enter a bathroom, Mexican law enforcement authorities have concluded.

No signs of violence were found at the scene of Snow’s death on July 19 at a hotel in Cancun, according to the State Attorney General’s Office for Quintana Roo.

Snow’s relatives have said they think that Snow’s death was criminal, according to news reports. They have said they believe he was kidnapped and beaten. He was in Mexico with his wife to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.

Family members of Quezada believe witnesses know more than they alluded to when they were contacted.

“It’s been very frustrating,” said Cynthia Quezada. “Murders of tourists and locals are increasing trend in Puerto Rico, and tourists visiting should be made more aware of the dangers.”

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