Houston Officers Locate Nearly 400 Stolen Catalytic Converters In A Box Truck

HOUSTON — Hundreds of stolen catalytic converters were found by officers responding to a theft call in northeast Houston, the Houston Police Department said Wednesday night.

According to HPD, officers responded to the 4400 block of Lockwood Drive, where they said they found two suspects and “several hundred stolen catalytic converters.”

Authorities said the two suspects were found at a used car lot. It’s unclear what charges the suspects will be facing.

Police said they’ll look over the car parts to see if any of the original owners can be tracked down, but they said it would be challenging because catalytic converters generally don’t have serial numbers or markings linking them to the vehicle they were taken from.

Police have previously recommended owners spray paint (with a heat-resistant paint) or engrave their catalytic converters with identifiable information, like a license plate number.