Texarkana Police Arrest Punk For Assaulting His Bedridden Grandmother

Texarkana Police arrested Brennen Brown, 20, for several charges after he assaulted his bedridden grandmother and then held his girlfriend at knifepoint in late October.

Officers were called to a W. 7th Street apartment on October 27th. Brown’s grandmother told us that he’d gotten upset because she would not allow him to use her phone so he pinned her arms down on the bed so he could take it from her and kneed her in the hip. After unplugging her oxygen machine, he started yelling at her and threatened to kill her with a fan if she told anyone what he’d done. He ran off and hid in the woods until we left.

The next day, Detective Thomas Shaddix obtained a warrant for his arrest for assaulting his grandmother and went back with other officers to try to find him. However, Brown hid inside the apartment with his girlfriend and refused to answer the door. To keep her from leaving and alerting the officers at the door that he was inside the apartment, he put a butterfly knife to his girlfriend’s throat and threatened to kill her. At some point, he became concerned that the officers were going to come inside the apartment and he hid inside a air duct. When he did that, she ran outside and met the officers. Brown was then found inside the apartment and arrested. The knife described by his girlfriend was found inside the air duct she’d told officers that he was hiding in.

Brown is currently being held in the Bi-State Jail for Injury to an Elderly/Disabled Person with Intentional Bodily Injury and Aggravated Kidnapping with a Deadly Weapon. We discovered that he also had a felony warrant for Credit/Debit Card Abuse of an Elderly Person from another jurisdiction. His total bond has been set at $350,000.