Arraignment Hearing Set For Suspect In July’s Deadly Road Rage Incident

The man accused in July’s deadly road rage incident, is scheduled for an arraignment hearing Thursday Morning.

Nicklas Allen Gagliardi is scheduled for an arraignment hearing November 18, 2021. Gagliardi is accused in July’s deadly road rage incident, which occurred in the 3100 block of Interstate 30, that killed one.

On July 28, 2021 the Greenville Police Department received a phone call about a major motor vehicle accident on Interstate 30. When arriving on scene they noted this would in fact be a major accident, with major damage. A Texas Department of Public Safety Officer reported witnessing the crash. Witnesses reported that one of the vehicles intentionally rammed the other vehicle, causing the victims to crash. A male passenger in the victim’s vehicle succumbed to injuries from the crash, and the driver was transported to a hospital in the metroplex.

Nicklas Gagliardi whom was driving the suspect vehicle was taken into custody.

Gagliardi was later charged with MURDER & AGG ASSAULT W/DEADLY WEAPON.

Nicklas Gagliardi is currently being held in the Hunt County Detention Center on a total of $800,000 in bonds.

Murder is a First-Degree Felony. The range of punishment is 5-99 years (or Life) in Prison

The offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Texas is a First Degree Felony for which the penalty range is 5-99 or life, up to a 10,000. dollar fine or both.

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