DPS Discover 2 Bodies While Working An Accident Reconstruction Wednesday Afternoon

Department Of Public Safety Officers discovered two bodies while working an Accident reconstruction Wednesday afternoon.

DPS had several Troopers conducting an Accident Reconstruction on I-30 near mile marker 89 Wednesday afternoon. This was in reference to a early Tuesday morning police pursuit which entered Hunt County from Rockwall County, where the vehicle wrecked out.

Early reports suggest Fate PD was in pursuit with a vehicle, which displayed stolen plates. The pursuit started in Rockwall County. Fate PD units pursued the vehicle into Hunt County with speeds reaching 130MPH, per scanner traffic. The vehicle eventually wrecked out on I-30 Eastbound near mile marker 89. Fate officers stated over the radio they believed there to be 2 passengers inside of the vehicle they were pursuing.

Once the chase came to a stop, the suspect vehicle was down near a creek, laying on its side, major damage reported. Scanner traffic was very confusing, Fate PD stated they believed one passenger of the vehicle was ejected, with the other being trapped inside. They eventually came back over the radio stating they had 2 passengers trapped inside of the vehicle.

After a long investigation most of Tuesday morning, untis eventually cleared releasing information that one passenger of the vehicle died at the scene, and the other was transported with life threatening injuries.

Wednesday Morning DPS Troopers were on scene conducting an accident reconstruction of this incident, when a body was found floating in the nearby creek, where the suspect vehicle came to a rest after wrecking at speeds well over 120MPH.

Cash Rescue units were called to the scene with a boat to assist in the recovery of the body. While recovering the body, the recovery team located another body underneath the water in the same nearby creek. Both bodies were recovered.

We put in a information request to DPS. They have confirmed that both bodies recovered were part of the Tuesday morning pursuit. We were instructed to contact Fate PD for more information on this incident, as they are the ones handling most of this investigation.

This recovery would bring the total body count of persons inside the suspect vehicle at 4.

We have put in for a press release to the Fate PD and are currently awaiting to hear back.

This is all of the information we have at this time. We will update as we learn more.