911 Operator Accidently Shoots And Kills Another While Trading Guns

A 911 operator inadvertently killed a coworker at a dispatch center in Kentucky on Friday, police said.

The Bell County Kentucky Sheriff’s Department said that two dispatchers at the center were trading firearms when one of the guns accidentally discharged and killed 23-year-old Kyle Garrett.

Sheriff Mitch Williams said that Garrett and Colton, the other dispatcher, were “cousins and best friends.”

“They grew up together and shared the hobby of casual gun trading,” he added. “This is a tragedy that you can never prepare for. We are asking for prayers for the family of Kyle and Colton. We also ask that you pray for the dispatchers, deputies, and first responders that work alongside them every day.”

Protocols that prohibit non-sworn personnel from bringing weapons into a 911 center were not followed, he added.

The incident is still being investigated, and an autopsy will be performed on Garrett.

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