Hunt County Sheriff Terry Jones announced today that a Quinlan man has been arrested and charged after a hoax bomb was located at the Quinlan McDonalds last Friday.

On Friday, December 17, 2021 just before 10:00 PM, Quinlan Police Officers and Hunt County Sherriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the Quinlan McDonalds on State Hwy. 34, where a possible explosive device was discovered inside the restaurant.

When officers and deputies arrived on scene, they observed a note on top of a box with the word “Bomb” written on it. Officers and deputies then evacuated the restaurant and began securing the scene and with the assistance of Cash Fire Department who shut down a portion of Hwy 34 for public safety.

Hunt County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Garland Bomb Squad Unit to assist in determining if this was an actual bomb. The Garland Bomb Squad Unit arrived, neutralized the device and determined it was not an explosive device.

Upon reviewing video footage from the restaurant and getting statements from employees, Quinlan Police Officers and Hunt County Deputies were able to identify the suspect who placed the box and note in the restaurant. An arrest warrant was obtained today by Hunt County Investigators and an arrest was made by Quinlan Police Department and the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect is identified at this time as a 53 year old white male with his most recent address listed in Quinlan. This suspect has been booked into the Hunt County Jail and is awaiting arraignment. The suspect is being charged with Hoax Bomb.

Hunt County Sheriff Terry Jones expresses his appreciation to all agencies who helped in this incident. Sheriff Jones is eager to continue working with every agency in Hunt County and surrounding areas to prevent criminal activity and solve crimes. Sheriff Jones wanted the public to know that “this type of offense or any other offenses that put citizens in fear or in danger will not be tolerated.”

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