At approximately 11:25 a.m. on January 5, 2022, Granbury Police Department officers responded to Walmart in Granbury for a report of an accidental shooting.

Based on witness statements and evidence at the scene, it appears that a 1 year old child and a two year old child were inside of a vehicle. The mother of the children, a 23-year-old Granbury woman, was standing outside next to the driver’s door. The father of the children, a 26-year-old Granbury man, was standing at the rear of the truck.

The two-year-old child is believed to have picked up a handgun which was concealed between the seat and the center console and the gun discharged one time. The bullet went through soft tissue in the one year old child’s leg, through the mother’s arm, and into her side in her chest area.

The mother was transported to a Fort Worth hospital by air and the baby was transported to a Fort Worth hospital by ground.

The baby’s injury is not believed to be life threatening. The mother’s injury is potentially more serious, but her current condition is not known.

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