Vehicle Stolen While Owner Was Looking – Big Dummy

On Tuesday afternoon, a man was sitting in the living room of his home on Summerhill Road when he saw his truck drive past the window. Immediately running out and jumping into his other vehicle, he called the Texarkana Police Department and started giving the dispatcher updates on where the truck was going as he followed it.

Texarkana Officer Matthew Lindsey met the speeding stolen truck on Richmond Road near Holly Creek Road and turned around to stop it. However, by the time he caught back up with the truck, the driver had already bailed out and was running across a field toward the woods.

Lindsey gave chase and arrested him moments later after the man ran out of breath and gave up.

Paul Mooney, 49, was charged with Unauthorized Use of Vehicle and Evading Arrest. As of this post, he’s still sitting in the Bi-State Jail for those two charges. His bond was set at a total of $35,000.