Rotation Spotted Over Delta County Just South Of Pecan Gap In Sunday Nights Storms

Hunt County Theft Reports team set out this evening chasing storms in and around the County. We had several periods of brief rain, followed by Quarter sized hail in the Dallas area. As these storms moved further East, the rotation started picking up. We followed a supercell from the Bonham, Texas area, which went East through Delta County, eventually hitting the Paris area and dissipating.

Crews checked the radar and saw another super cell which was once again rolling through the Bonham area, a Thunderstorm Warning was issued with this particular storm. Hunt County Theft Reports crews saw the velocity sky rocket on the radar as the storm moved closer to the Delta County area.

Crews turned around in the Paris area, heading back East down 82 towards Honey Grove, Texas. Crews saw a split in the storm which would give them an awesome spot to see the rotation associated with the storm. Crews went South towards Roxton, that’s when the rotation became visible, the storm was tracking in a Eastern direction. Once in Roxton Hunt County Theft Report crews were able to make it to Ben Franklin where the storm continued to strengthen.

Once making it to Pecan Gap, Texas the rotation was wrapping up with winds picking up. Crews were able to catch these awesome pictures on camera. Pictures were taken off of FM 64, just South of Pecan Gap. This is only a funnel cloud, which never touched the ground, so it never became a tornado. There was wind damage reported in Pecan Gap, with electric outages being reported.