Winnsboro Man Arrested On DWI 3rd Or More And Resisting Arrest By Hopkins County Deputy

Monday around 7:00PM, the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office made a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 600 block of Lynch St, in Como, in reference to a call deputies were enroute to.

Lt. Sheets made contact with the driver identified as Mario Krietemeyer, right away the deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol emitting from Krietemeyer’s person. The driver slurred his words to a point they were mostly incoherent.

Krietemeyer was asked to exit the vehicle where he was unsteady on his feet as he walked, swaying while standing in place. The subject was administrated SFST’s. Krietemeyer showed six of six clues on the HGN test, refusing all other test, stating “Arrest Me” Lt. Sheets then placed Krietemeyer in custody.

After being placed in custody, and rights read, Krietemeyer continued to argue with the deputy, asking “Why Are You Arresting Me? I Didn’t Do Anything”. The suspect was transported to the Hopkins County Jail.

When arriving at the Hopkins County Jail, Krietemeyer was read the DIC-24 Statutory Warning, refusing to reply when asked for a specimen of his breath. After refusing to give a yes or no on the breath test, and refusing to sign paperwork, a blood search warrant was filed and ordered with the on call judge. The subject was transported to Christus Mother Francis Hospital where he refused to give blood specimen, stating he was afraid of needles, yet covered in several tattoos as mentioned in the police report.

When the phlebotomist began to collect the blood specimen the subject pulled away, in attempts to keep phlebotomist from taking blood. The subject continued to resist and pull away from the deputy, Lt. Sheets warned Krietemeyer several times that he would be tazed if he continued to resist. After several warnings with the subject refusing to obey lawful orders, Krietemeyer was drive stunned with the tazer, the subject attempted to take the tazer from the deputy with his free hand which wasn’t cuffed, almost causing the Phlebotomist to stick herself with the needle. Lt. Sheets then placed the tazer to the subjects body, and once again the subject was tazed.

Backup arrived on scene and the blood specimen was collected. The subject was then transported back to the Hopkins County Detention Center and placed in a V-Cell due to his aggression.

Krietemeyer was booked into the Hopkins County Detention Center on charges of:


At the time of this write up, Krietemeyer remained booked in the Hopkins County Jail.