A Dallas Fentanyl Trafficker Sentenced To 12 Years In Federal Prison

A Fentanyl trafficker who was busted with over 2000 fentanyl-laced pills was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison Wednesday.

According to a press release issued by the Northern District Of Texas United States Attorney’s Office, Jesus Alexander Perez Fuentes, 27, was sentenced to 12 years in federal Prison Wednesday, after being caught with over 2000 fentanyl pills.

Reports State, an investigation was opened up when a confidential informant notified law enforcement that Mr. Fuentes was distributing counterfeit oxycodone pills, that were laced with Fentanyl. Reports state the pills were blue in color and were stamped “M30,” markings consistent with oxycodone, but were counterfeit, laced with the deadly drug Fentanyl.

Agents in Dallas received information that Mr. Fuentes would be at the Galleria Dallas Mall with well over a thousand counterfeit pills. A surveillance team was able to locate Fuentes on March 30,2022, with an unknown female exiting the Galleria Mall, getting into Fuentes truck.

Undercover agents, assisted by Texas DPS Troopers, followed the suspect vehicle towards Interstate 635, when leaving the mall. Once officers had (PC) Probable Cause to make a traffic stop, officers activated their lights, with Fuentes pulling over. Once stopped a K-9 officer was called to the scene, where there was a positive alert for narcotics in the vehicle.

After a quick search of the vehicle, officers located a loaded Glock 30 in the center console. Under the drivers seat, officers located a black backpack containing two clear plastic bags, stuffed with 2,072 counterfeit oxycodone pills, laced with Fentanyl. Also in the backpack was $13,821 in cash.

Later Fuentes admitted to using the gun to protect his drug trafficking operation, and the funds in the backpack were made from the sales of the pills. Fuentes will spend the next 12 years locked away in a federal prison.