Mesquite Substitute Teacher Fired After Encouraging Students To Fight In The Classroom

The Mesquite Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred at the Mesquite Independent School district. (Kimbrough Middle School)

Early reports suggest that a substitute teacher for Kimbrough Middle School encouraged the kids to fight while in the classroom. In a shocking video released on social media you can hear the substitute teacher telling students at the Kimbrough Middle School to set a timer for 30 seconds, asking them to be quiet during the fight. The substitute teacher even assigned a door holder to secure the room from others entering during the fight

The Mesquite Police Department released a statement stating an investigation revealed that the substitute teacher encouraged students to fight each other during the class, laying down rules for the students to follow and even instructed a student to monitor the classroom door while the fights took place.

The teacher who has only been employed with the Mesquite ISD since March 6th has now been fired. The investigation has been turned over to Mesquite Police Department with possible criminal charges pending.

The Mesquite Independent School district has notified all parents of the students involved in the class and informed them of the situation. As of Thursday afternoon the mesquite Police Department is still investigating into possible charges being filed against the substitute teacher who was also fired on Thursday.

A statement released by Mesquite Independent School district States “As educators, our hearts are heavy knowing that an individual we trusted with the supervision and care of our students could behave in this manner, we share the disgust that the families of students in this class must feel” the statement read.