Cedar Hill Man Who Fled Trial On His Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon Charge Found Deceased In Frisco

District Attorney Greg Willis announced in a press release Friday that Carlton Williams of Cedar Hill, Texas, who fled from his trial on charges of Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon, was found deceased in Frisco last Monday.

Reports state, Williams was out on a $35,000 bond, on charges of Aggravated Assault with A Deadly Weapon. Williams had a scheduled court date set for March 22, 2023. This was the third day of his trial, where jury was set to determine his sentence. Williams did not show up to court.

The same day William’s skipped out on court, reports state he committed another Aggravated Assault after shooting at a relative in Dallas County.

Judge Faith Johnson issued a warrant for Williams’s arrest, with District Attorney’s Office immediately contacting the Texas Rangers, along with Special Agents with Texas DPS. With Williams absent, his trial continued on with jury convicting Williams, and sentencing him to 43 years in prison, which fell under the Habitual Offender statute.

Williams was convicted on the charge after an August 29th, 2021 road rage incident in Plano, where Williams reportedly got out of his vehicle, banging on the victim’s window, grabbing a machete from his box truck, threatening the victim’s life. William’s then slashed the victim’s front and rear tires, fleeing the scene. Several witnesses testified against William’s at trial.

The Frisco Police Department was notified of a wanted subject, identified as Carlton Williams, who had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest residing at an apartment complex in their city.

The Frisco Special Operations Unit along with the Texas Rangers served the warrant at an apartment in the 8200 block of Stonebrook Pkwy, in Frisco. At approx. 3:00PM, units made contact with Williams, who barricaded himself inside of the apartment. Nearby residents were notified and evacuated as a precaution.

Around 3:30PM a negotiator with the Frisco Police Department showed up to communicate with Williams. During the Negotiation, Williams became erratic, telling officers “He Would Kill Anyone Who Entered His Front Door”. After hours of negotiation, Williams still refused to exit the apartment.

During the incident, Williams destroyed two drones officers were using to monitor the incident with, also shooting at officers on multiple occasions. Officers were told by Williams “He Had Plenty Of Ammo And A Shotgun”.

Just before 9:45PM Frisco Special Units Team, shot a round of chemical agents into the apartment where Williams was barricaded, at the same time using a explosive device to breach the bedroom door. Reports state less than 10 seconds after the door breach, officers heard a single gunshot.

Using a drone, Williams was located inside the bedroom with a single self-inflected gunshot wound. Williams was transported to the local hospital where he later passed away from his injuries.

District Attorney Greg Willis stated “Public safety must always be the first concern of the criminal justice system, with this case illustrating why violent Habitual offenders must be held fully accountable for their actions, even if it includes keeping the criminal incrassated until their court date.” Willis also thanking the Texas Department Of Public Safety along with the Frisco Police Department.