Texas Woman Killed By Boyfriend After Getting An Abortion, Dallas Police Say

According to court records, a 22-year-old man named Harold Thompson has been accused of murdering his 26-year-old girlfriend, Gabriella Gonzalez, in Dallas on Wednesday.

The arrest affidavit reveals that they were in a dating relationship and were spotted together in a gas station parking lot the morning after Gonzalez had undergone an abortion in Colorado. It is worth mentioning that Texas has prohibited abortions in almost every stage of pregnancy since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, while Colorado allows legal abortions at almost every stage of pregnancy, without waiting period.

According to a police investigator, Thompson was suspected to be the father of Gonzalez’s child and did not want her to terminate the pregnancy. As per the police, video footage reveals that Thompson applied a “choke hold” on Gonzalez during their conversation, but she managed to free herself. However, Thompson then used a firearm to shoot Gonzalez multiple times before escaping from the scene. Sadly, Gonzalez passed away on the spot.

Thompson is currently in custody in a Dallas County jail and will be represented by state-appointed counsel, as per court records, although his lawyer’s name and contact information were not disclosed.

According to court records, Thompson had an active arrest warrant issued in March, which was still in effect at the time of the shooting. The March affidavit did not mention Gonzalez as the complainant, but the May affidavit stated that she was the victim in the reported incident. In the March affidavit, it was stated that Thompson had physically abused the victim, who was pregnant with his child, on multiple occasions, including attempting to strangle her and giving her a black eye. The victim reported that Thompson had violently attacked her, causing bruises, and she remained afraid of him, according to police.

According to the warrant, the suspect had threatened to harm the complainant’s family and kids from a previous relationship, which has made her scared of him. Mileny Rubio, Gonzalez’s sister, witnessed the shooting and shared with local news that the suspect was angry about Gonzalez wanting to leave him. Despite knowing that Gonzalez was not okay, they were unable to get help. Gonzalez’s family stated that the shooting happened after she had ended a four-month tumultuous relationship with Thompson.