6 Stolen Vehicles Recovered In Hunt County After Detectives Discover A Chop-Shop

Detectives from the Northeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force, Carrollton Police Department, and Hunt County Sheriff’s Department carried out a search warrant in Hunt County this week to recover a stolen Dodge Charger, reported to Carrolton PD.

During the search, Detectives discovered not only the stolen Charger, but also five other stolen vehicles from various other agencies in Texas. The property where the warrant was served seemed to be operating as a “chop shop,” with dismantled vehicles in different stages of completion.

As a result, vehicle parts, engines, tools, and forklifts were confiscated. The NE TX ATTF is currently investigating the matter.

NE TX ATFF would like to express their gratitude to NICB Special Agent Mark Collins for his assistance.

Some may be asking, who/what is the Northeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force?

The Northeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force consists of two officers, a Senior Detective and a Detective. All of the officers’ time is used to investigate motor vehicle crimes. The Northeast Texas ATTF works closely with all agencies in the coverage area. The Northeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force has a coverage of 8,000 square miles which covers most of northeast Texas. Our officers handle all auto thefts, burglary motor vehicle, and related crimes, whether covert or overt. The Task Force performs inspections on salvage yards, dealers, repair shops, and scrap metal yards.

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