Hopkins County Traffic Stop Leads To The Arrest Of One

On June 13, 2023, Deputy Z. Steward was on patrol for the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office when he was notified of a vehicle possibly trafficking narcotics down I-30, passing the 83 mile marker heading eastbound towards Hopkins County, from Hunt.

Deputy Steward spotted the vehicle near the 122 mile marker and got behind the vehicle. While tailing the vehicle, he noticed a change in the driver’s behavior. The driver repeatedly attempted to overtake other vehicles and followed an 18-wheeler too closely. Deputy Steward activated his emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop near the 129 mile marker eastbound.

Approaching the passenger side of the vehicle, Deputy Steward identified himself and requested the driver’s license and proof of insurance. Once the necessary documents were obtained, Deputy Steward questioned the driver about the presence of marijuana in the vehicle, as he had detected its odor when walking up on the vehicle. Initially, the driver denied having any marijuana, but later admitted to its presence. Deputy Steward then asked the driver to exit the vehicle with the driver being detained.

Deputy Steward initiated a search based on reasonable grounds for suspicion on the vehicle. During the search, a significant amount of marijuana weighing just over a 1lb was discovered in a large, clear bag on the rear floorboard.

The individual identified as 25 year old Jovan Marquis Forte of De Kalb, Texas was arrested, and taken to the Hopkins County Jail. Sgt Greer provided assistance while waiting for Benson Brother to impound the vehicle.

Forte was booked in on charges of:


Forte has since been released on bond.