Dallas Man Sentenced to 75 Years in Prison for McKinney Home Invasion Turned Murder

Greg Willis, the District Attorney of Collin County, has recently declared that Prince Haymer, a 21-year-old resident of Dallas, has been handed a 75-year prison sentence. This verdict came after a jury determined him to be guilty of committing murder. During the trial’s proceedings, Willis expressed his conviction that Haymer was the brains behind an aggravated robbery in which both a grandmother and her 18-month-old granddaughter were held hostage at gunpoint. Tragically, this crime ended with the loss of an innocent life. In light of these circumstances, Willis emphasized that this sentence represents just the initial stage in ensuring accountability for all involved parties.

Officer Kyle Wilkerson of the McKinney Police Department was called to a residence in McKinney on April 11, 2022, following reports of a shooting incident. When Officer Wilkerson arrived at the scene, he found Rayshawn Williams lying behind a garage in the neighborhood. Williams had sustained several gunshot wounds to his legs. Furthermore, law enforcement officers observed casings from two distinct firearms at the location – an AR-15 rifle and an iPhone were also discovered on the ground near Williams.

Officers then located Williams’ mother-in-law inside the home. She told police that Williams had received a phone call and went out into the garage. She heard yelling before a masked male entered the kitchen where she was holding her 18-month old granddaughter. The suspect, while holding a gun, asked her where the money was, then demanded her phone. The suspect then fled back outside. She heard gunshots moments later and went to hide in the bathtub with her granddaughter.

Detective Steven Robinson arrived on scene and discovered a Ring surveillance camera that captured the shooting. The video showed a gray hatchback Lexus pull into the alleyway and four masked, armed individuals get out and hold Williams at gunpoint. Two suspects run inside the house, then return, asking where the money is. One of the suspects struck Williams in the back of the head with a rifle. Williams grabbed the rifle and a struggle ensued. As the struggle continued off camera, shots were fired and Williams was able to get one of the suspect’s rifle and return fire. As three of the suspects fled on foot, the driver, later identified as Haymer, fired three shots at Williams, then fled in his car.

Detective Robinson identified the last phone number that called Williams before the shooting and tracked that phone back to Dallas. The following day, Prince Haymer was apprehended in the gray Lexus hatchback and in possession of the phone that called Williams. Text messages and phone calls on Haymer’s phone led detectives to the four remaining suspects. Williams passed away in the hospital 15 days after being shot.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty on murder.

At punishment, prosecutors offered a cell phone video that was recorded the night of the murder where Haymer is making a rap video and displaying one of the firearms used in the murder. Judge John Roach, Jr., who presided over the case, sentenced Haymer to 75 years in prison.