Jugging Incident Reported in Greenville

“Jugging” Incident Reported In Greenville

With Tax season upon us we want to remind everyone to pay attention to your surroundings especially when you’re going to and from a bank. If you have a large sum of cash on you do not leave it in your vehicle unattended!!!
Today, we have taken a report of another “jugging” incident where a person withdrew a large amount of cash from Chase Bank. The victim then drove to Braums and went inside. An unknown suspect broke into the vehicle and stole the money. We do not have a suspect or a vehicle description at this time.
Jugging is the term used to describe a crime in which criminals specifically target bank and ATM customers who they believe have withdrawn a large amount of cash. The criminal will follow the victim to their next stop, break into the vehicle, and steal the cash.

Statement Released by GPD