Sheriff Officers Jump Into Action Being First On Scene Of A Hunt County Drowning

On 6/4/2019 Hunt County Sheriffs Office along with Campbell Fire & Cash Rescue responded to the Campbell area for a subject who had went under water in a pond and never resurfaced.

Hunt County Officers were the first of several first responders to make scene. Instead of our officers standing on the banks looking in, several officers jumped into action. We have been told by several sources that when officers arrived, they quickly removed their gun belts, and jumped into the pond to start searching for the drowning victim.

We have been told 4 to 5 of the on scene Hunt County Officers were in the water when Cash Rescue arrived on scene. Upon arrival we are told, all officers but 1 removed themselves from the pond, to allow Cash Rescue to get their rescue team into the water. The Hunt County Officer that stayed in the water, pinpointed the location to assist Cash Assistant Chief Matt Barecky & Captain Hayden St John bring the subject back above water. At this time, the victim is in care of the Hunt Regional Memorial Hospital, the condition, or identity is not being released.

We want to Thank the Hunt County Sheriffs Department for your officers jumping into action, when they didn’t have to. This is what makes me proud to be a Hunt County Resident.

Continued prayers for the family and first responders that were on scene today.

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