Commerce Dispatched To A Fainting Call Finding Subject Deceased In Parking Lot

Hunt County EMS & Commerce Fire units were dispatched to the Outback Apartments off of Solomon Drive for a caller advising a subject fainted outside of the apartments Thursday night.

Incoming EMS & Fire units were advised to stage for the arrival of Commerce PD who was enroute to the scene. As fire was staging a subject approached the fire truck, per scanner traffic. The subject told firefighters that the subject was deceased. Fire along with Hunt County EMS made scene confirming the patient was in fact deceased.

Commerce Police Department is on scene at the is time investigating which is normal on all medical calls that turn signal 27 (Deaths).

We would like to offer our prayers for the family of the victim.

This is all of the information we have at this time. We will update as we learn more.

all information was gathered through police scanner audio.