BEWARE Male Subject Approaching Women At The Greenville Wal-Mart #StrangerDanger

On April 23, 2019, the Greenville Police Department received information of a
suspicious person at Walmart, located at 7401 East Interstate 30 in Greenville, Texas. As a
17-year-old female was leaving Walmart she was approached by a male in the parking lot. After
complimenting the female on her beauty he asked if she could go with him to help with his sick
wife, who was supposedly sitting in a nearby vehicle. The female refused to go with the man even
after he asked again. The female again refused and kept walking. The man did not follow her and
gave up his efforts. During officers’ conversations with the female, it was determined that no crime
had been committed and no report was made. However, due to the suspicious behavior of the man
we want to make the public aware of the incident.
The male was described as a white male in his mid to late 30s with a medium build and pale skin.
He had short brown hair, green eyes, and was approximately 5’10” in height. Should you see any
suspicious activity of this nature we encourage you to contact the Greenville Police Department at
903-457-2900 or call 911 if it’s an emergency