Press Release Issued By Commerce ISD In Regards To New Assistant Principal

Recently, the Commerce ISD has received several inquiries from parents regarding news articles from 2015 about the new Middle School Assistant Principal Brad Swain. Those articles allege that Mr. Swain was charged with felony child endangerment in September 2015. Mr. Swain was never prosecuted for this charge and the charge was dropped. The Commerce ISD conducts thorough fingerprint based criminal background checks on all District employees. Such background checks were conducted on Mr. Swain when he was considered for hire. We were aware of this felony charge from 2015. We reviewed the matter and informed the Commerce ISD school board prior to Mr. Swain’s hire. Four years ago, Mr. Swain went through a contentious divorce. During this divorce, Mr. Swain had several different accusations made against him. Mr. Swain was arrested for child endangerment in 2015. All charges were dropped except for a violation of conditions of a court order, a Class A misdemeanor. Mr. Swain pleaded no contest to this charge. Mr. Swain was also investigated by TEA regarding this incident. TEA did not take action against his educator certification. Again, all felony charges were dropped and the Commerce ISD believes he is a positive influence for our staff and students and does not pose any risk to our students, staff or community.

Mr. Swain has 16 years of experience as a middle school principal. With Commerce Middle School being an F-rated campus, we believe that the support Mr. Swain will provide our teachers and staff will help improve our campus academically. Mr. Swain has had success taking a middle school campus from improvement required to exemplary in the past.

I understand the concerns from parents but be assured we always have the safety and well-being of your children in mind. Though this wouldn’t make a difference to me it may reassure you to know that I have two nephews on the middle school campus and both of my own children will be on that campus in the next couple of years. I have no reservations with Mr. Swain being on the middle school campus.

If any parents wish to visit with me about this, please contact me at: (903)886-3755. I would be happy to visit with you to hear your concerns.

Thank you,

Charlie Alderman