Subject Arrested After Nearly Hitting A Hopkins County Patrol Vehicle

Early Saturday morning, just after 1:30AM, Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office along with Texas DPS & Sulphur Springs Police Department were out investigating the ending to an earlier pursuit, on the I-30 service road, near mile marker 128.

Suspect identified as Julio Sup Caal was traveling down the service road, which was blocked off by a Hopkins County Patrol unit. As the subject approached the shutdown roadway, police report states Caal nearly hit the Hopkins County unit, which was providing road block, as officers worked an earlier incident involving a pursuit, with suspect running on foot.

Texas DPS Trooper Sorley made contact with Caal who was driving a Silver Nissan Rogue. While speaking with Caal, the trooper noticed the subject seemed confused and unresponsive. The Trooper asked Caal to step out of the vehicle, when doing so officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the subjects breath, along with glassy and red eyes. In plain view were several beer caps laying in the vehicles cup holder.

SFST’S were attempted, but due to a heavy language barrier and the subject being uncooperative the tests were not able to be performed. Subject was read his rights (In Spanish) with Trooper requesting a voluntary sample of blood. Caal stated he did not know what was going on and would not consent to give a sample.

A blood search warrant was obtained with Judge Harrison signing the warrant. Caal was transported to Christus Mother Francis for a blood draw. Caal was released to the Hopkins County Jail without incident.

Julio Sup Caal was booked into the Hopkins County Detention Center and charged with:


As of noon on Saturday, Caal was still booked into the jail awaiting arraignment.