Two Arrested In Hopkins County After Traffic Stop Leads To Recovery Of 54 Grams Of Meth

On 06/14/2023, just after 1AM Hopkins County Deputy J. Davis performed a traffic stop on a vehicle due to the driver’s failure to yield right of way. This resulted in the driver pulling out in front of the arresting deputy’s patrol vehicle at the intersection of Shannon Rd & Loop 301.

During the traffic stop, the arresting deputy noticed signs of nervousness and deception from both the driver and her passenger. The driver denied the arresting deputy’s request to search her vehicle, leading to the call for a K9 unit to assist at the location.

Upon the arrival of the K9 unit, the canine detected the presence of narcotics, indicating a positive alert. Consequently, a probable cause search was conducted on the suspect’s vehicle. During the search, law enforcement officers discovered a concealed zipper pouch underneath the center console area. Opening the pouch revealed two baggies containing a significant quantity of a crystal like substance, believed to be methamphetamine. Additionally, a bank bag was found under the console area, containing drug paraphernalia, multiple clear baggies, and a digital scale.

Upon the discovery of the contraband, both the driver, who is the owner of the vehicle, and her boyfriend, who was a passenger, were taken into custody and transported to the Hopkins County jail without any further incidents.

Once back at the HCSO facility, the suspected methamphetamine was subjected to a field test, which yielded a positive result. Furthermore, the substance was weighed, and its total weight was determined to be approximately 54 grams.

Richard Otto Hall, 40, of Pickton, Texas was booked into the Hopkins County Detention Center on charges of:

1. POSS CS PG 1/1-B >=4G<200G

Nicole Rae Pritchard, 42, of Saltillo, Texas was booked into the Hopkins County Detention Center on charges of:

1. POSS CS PG 1/1-B >=4G<200G

Hall has been released at the time of this write up, Pritchard remains in custody.